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Devils Playground

When the Oculus Rift came out a couple years ago me and my friends decided try it out in the hopes the VR will finally be a thing. Well to say the least i was impressed with the first gen SDK system and decided to take a crack at developing a small demo maze game for it. My goal was three fold, develop my first playable game, create a dual purpose camera to toggle VR, and have fun doing it. What came of that adventure was Devils playground.

I was a little discouraged to say the least when Facebook decided to buy Oculus for $2 billion dollars because i can not fathom what interest Facebook would have in such a system and i only fear it will be reduced to a simple social media tool of some sort. Not to mention it has been well over a year with that funding and still have yet to see a commercial release product. The Gen I headset i have is not 1080p and certainly doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of their Gen II SDK but I’m not forking out another $400 and then again when they finally release the consumer product, so instead I wait.

It is interesting though to see how they have successfully sparked the VR market with others jumping in the game including Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft. I just wonder if  VR will ever get bigger than just a niche market.

So Back to the Game, the devil drops you in his playground maze and you have to find the portal before timer runs out. There is an overhead map that you can toggle to help but when you do your remaining time depletes much quicker. The demo is windows only and has only two mazes in it but it was a lot of fun making and I hope some of you have some fun playing it, especially if you happen to have an oculus.

You can download the game and the Unity Projects below.

Stand Alone Game Download (19 Mb)

Unity Project with Camera (6 Mb)

Dual OVR Camera Asset for Unity (933 Kb)

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